N4C Van Fund: Raised $13635

Our Goal is to buy a reliable van that costs $19,000


We’ve reached the moon, and now we need to make our way back home!

10 years ago, we purchased a nice pre-owned family van. Our ministry has always been integrated with our family. A big part of the ministry happens on the road, as all students don’t have their own means of transportation and constantly need rides to and from outreach events, the airport, bus stations, social security office, church services and special outings. As we do not have our own ministry van, we have been using our family Honda for the last ten seasons, and now it has accumulated over 275,000 miles. Additionally, since the Embassy is in Pigeon Forge and our home is in Knoxville, it takes us two hours to drive back and forth on a daily basis. These many miles provide wonderful ministry opportunities for sharing the Gospel and discussing the many spiritual questions that students bring up while traveling. Just as Jesus spent time with his disciples on a boat, we spend time with the students in our van. Over the past few years, we have had some concerns about the vans’s safety and reliability.

Houston, we have a problem!

Several months ago, we discovered a puddle under the van. After a trip to the shop, we found out that repairs for this leak alone will cost 2500$, plus expenses for other various issues. It is no longer wise to keep investing in a car this old and with so many miles on it. While we are still using it to transport students, the fact that the van could break at any minute is always on our minds.

So, now is the time for us to buy a new reliable vehicle which will serve the family and the ministry for many years, just like the old van did. We would really like to continue our “ministry on wheels,” so if are interested in being a part of this new chapter, please consider donating, sharing this information with your friends, and praying!

Taking students to outreach events

Transportation to the airport and bus station

Taking students to outreaches at the Embassy

Visiting church services

Emergency situations

And much more!

Please, make your checks payable to: Calvary Baptist Church c/o “Nations 4 Christ Van Fund”

Nations4Christ International Ministry 206 Valley Dr., Pigeon Forge TN 37863

And please come back for the updates!