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Work and Travel Program, Sevier County, Tennessee

20 Dec 2016 0 Comment Tatiana Kochan
This year WH Embassy Team has welcomed over 1300 International students from 40+ different countries from all over the...

Smoky Mountains Wedding & Party Barn!

4 Aug 2016 0 Comment Tatiana Kochan
Special Thanks to our Friends and Ministry Partners Sherri Ralston Dunahoo and Tim Dunahoo and Church of Restoration Family for hosting Annual Outing with...

American hospitality!

27 Jul 2016 0 Comment Tatiana Kochan
Don't Miss - that's what I say to all international students I meet. You came to experience United States, here is your chance! Our friends invite you to their...

Flying over the Smokey Mountains.

22 Jul 2016 0 Comment Tatiana Kochan
We made unforgetable memories visiting Seymour Airpark, a place where people live who love to fly, take to the sky. After a great Dinner we all had a chance to...